Missisquoi Valley Rescue, Inc. (MVR) was founded in 1976, by a dedicated group of community members, exclusively for the communities of Highgate and Swanton, VT.

     MVR is a non-profit, community based, Ambulance Service. We respond to an average of 1,000 calls per year, with 3 trucks, and a combined employee/ volunteer staff of 26. We are your family, friends, and neighbors! We provide 24/7 Advanced Life Support to Highgate, Swanton and the surrounding communities, as well as intercept services to surrounding EMS agencies when needed. We also offer non-emergency transportation across New England and New York.

     MVR operates an American Heart Association Training Center and certifies hundreds of people a year in CPR and First Aid. From hands only CPR for the lay person, to First Aid for Boy/Girl Scout groups, to healthcare provider CPR for medical professionals. High quality CPR and early defibrillation is the key to survival of sudden cardiac arrest victims. We feel the more people trained in CPR, the better prepared our community will be!

     MVR sets the standard for quality patient care! We were the first service in our district to implement automated CPR devices. The automated CPR device provides the highest quality of CPR, by promoting optimal perfusion to the body during cardiac arrest.  The automated CPR device was so impressive, that a short time after witnessing it in person, our local hospital purchased several of the units as well. MVR has been known over its 42 years of service to set the bar high for pre-hospital emergency care and we will continue to do so.