Director 3: Robert A. Clark

President: Lynn M. Billado

Treasurer/Director 1: Leonard J. Stell

Vice President/Office Manager: Joshua W. Ramsdell
Josh has been a member of Missisquoi Valley Rescue for 13 years.  He began his career with MVR his senior year of High School as a junior member. He has progressed through the ranks to his current position as Vice President.  Emergency services runs deep in his blood, as his father was a Firefighter/EMT and his mother was a 911 dispatcher. Josh's goal is to continue to bring MVR to the forefront and help provide the highest quality of care to the communities he loves.

Director 2: Keith E. Ploof
Keith has been a member of Missisquoi Valley Rescue for 24 years. Keith became interested in EMS while working for the Highgate Fire Department. While working together on scenes with MVR he took an interest into the medical side of things. Keith's goal is to continue to help MVR be a better squad and improve efficiency.

Director 4: Ashley H. Chevalier

Secretary: Daniel S. Vanslette